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Rihanna speaks of her own clothing line

19 Mar

Without meaning to, my blog seems to be turning into an in-depth diary of Rihanna’s life. It’s not on purpose. It just seems shes the only thing anyone talks about these days.

Anyway… Shes just let slip she is launching her own clothing line.

With Rihanna it could go either way – be really genuinely cool or just absolutely awful. No one has any details of the launch date or anything yet but watch this space…Lets face it she is the hot ticket at the moment so the rumour mill is going wild with who she could be colloborating with.

One thing we do know is that she has promised to actually put her own flair on the collection and have a genuine input on it, as opposed to other celebs who just chuck their name on a collection without even two peeks at it.

Dr Martens launch clothing line

19 Apr

Best known for their iconic heavy-duty boots which have been loved alike by grungy teenagers from the 90s to the Shoreditch fashion followers of today…Dr Martens has just launched its own clothing line.

The new lines which was launched yesterdays  for men and women also includes accessories and draws inspiration from contemporary “fashionistas” who have adopted the workwear shoe into their wardrobe.

The label has designed a simple collection of shirts, sweatshirts and dresses and contains pretty much what you would expect (and I don’t mean that in a dissapointing way!) – a lot of gingham and check in red and navy.

Prices range from £30 to £70 and the line is available at Dr. Martens stores nationwide, or online at drmartens.com .

Kat Von D’s womenswear collection

21 Feb

Kat Von D, best know for being L.A. Ink (and stealing Jesse James from Sandra Bullock), is to launch her own womenswear collection later on this year featuring shoulder chains, Victorian blouses and leather-trim leggings.

From the sneak preview of the tattoo artist’s collection it is pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. Stereotypically influenced by punk rock music and the lifestyle. Here are a few photos of what it is going to offer:

From what I can see overall, the collection relies on different variations of black cut-out leggings paired with what so far appear to be quite plain jackets, tees and coats. I am also unsure whether this is aimed directly at the customer or the catwalk – some of those leggings are only for the very brave and the shoes in the second photo are clearly not for going out on the town in (if you want to return in one piece).

I would deffo go to Kat Von D to spend my money. But unfortunately for her, it would only be if she was tattooing me. It definitely would not be to purchase any of her disappointingly bog standard clothing line.



Kelly Osbourne new face of Madonna’s clothing line

26 Jan

Kelly Osbourne has been announced as the new face of Madonna’s clothing line, Material Girl.

After her dramatic slim down to a size 8 a couple of months ago, it all seems to be going Kell’s way, as she now replaces the ever irritating, Taylor Momsen as ambassador of the brand.

We’ve had a long time crush on Kelly and featured her as one of our ‘cool peeps’ over the summer. We are so thrilled,” said the company’s representative.

And Kelly seems just as thrilled. “To be thought of as an inspiration in that way is brilliant,” says Osbourne. “I hope little girls look up to Lourdes because she doesn’t dress too grown up and she always looks so stylish”.

Which is more than can be said about her mother (although she should probably dress a little more grown up!)

So all the best to Kelly Osbourne, I think she looks amazing at the moment. Literally unrecognisable from the fat pink-haired mess she was a couple of years ago.

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