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Doomed in history

5 May

Fashion just seems to come back time and time again. Its not ‘re-invention’ its just repetition . But what happens when a book turns up called Worst Fashions: What We Shouldn’t Have Worn. Vice Investigates the book which reads like a East London kids bible. (CLICK HERE)

Brothel creepers. Check. Camouflage. Check. Tie dye.Check.



I could go on…..

Rich Kids

5 May

You know when your younger and you argue about expensive clothes your mum got you with your friends that were probably only Adidas or Tammy Girl? Or whose tamagotchi cost more?

Well Vice Magazine takes you into a whole new level of the bastard rich kid this week (see above) with its look into the world of haute couture for babies.

I mean… check this out..


And well… the less I say about this kid the better…

To read more about the insane world of rich kids and their clothes, click here to send yourself over to Vice Magazine’s website.