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All a bit much from American Apparel

5 Apr

You sometimes you go out and there’s always one girl that’s just a little bit too naked. To the point where its cringey and you know that shes just crying out for attention?

Well it looks like big brands can do that too.

American Apparel have been warned by a watchdog to tone down certain adverts that to be honest look more like a crappy page three than a clothing advert (see below) – I mean this isnt going to inspire me to buy those socks! In fact this doesn’t inspire me to buy anything at all, apart from maybe some bum implants and some better boobs…



New Prada heels glamourise smoking

5 Apr

Just when you think fashion and cigarettes have finally had their day, and the obsession with smoking and looking sexy has given way to the fact it actually just kills you…Prada release these.

The eighties style platforms have a mouth on the front smoking an enormous cigarette. Tacky? Yes. Bad taste? Probably.

But when has being involved in fashion ever meant being a good role model? Kate Moss smokes like there’s no tomorrow and she is probably one of the most successful and well known people this decade, even if a few paparazzi photos show what smoking really does to your skin…

Fashion is usually all about making a statement, and lets be honest – controversial gets you noticed. Its just a shame that even amazing fashion brands such as Prada feel they have to make such an over the top statement with these quite frankly ugly shoes to make money. And at $890, you’ll have to cut out the fags for a little while to be able to afford these.

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