Gaga calls Wintour a b!$&%

7 Jun

It’s a known rule to never go over the top at work parties. Not so however if you’re Lady Gaga.

At CFDA Awards, the star who won the Fashion Icon Award, took off various items of clothing, ending up nearly naked bar what could loosely be described as underwear, a see – through dress and a luminous turquoise wig. Always one to keep a low profile that one…

As she accepted her award, which you have to give her even if only purely for effort, she recounted hearing the news she was going to win via a text from “Anna”. “I have several ‘Annas’ on my phone,” the star explained, so Gaga assumed it was a friend and speedily text back,  “Yes, bitch, we did it!”. Later she was horrified to realise it was in fact the one and only Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue.


Never one to lose her cool, Wintour simply replied: “That’s lovely”. Class.

Anna Wintour at the CFDA Awards 2011.


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