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Jolie good – Angelina the new face of Louis Vuitton

27 Apr

Just as you start to rejoice that people like Angelina Jolie are getting old and losing their looks (I mean looking after hundreds of children must take its toll)…they go and prove you wrong.

Jolie, 35, has just done this and signed a whopping £6.5 million deal to be the new face of Louis Vuitton, an amount that is believed to be a record for a single campaign.

The actress, who has already made many of us dead jealous by marrying Brad Pitt and well…looking like she does, obviously is also super human as she juggles her career, her children, being a ambassador of the UN and now a taking on huge advertising campaign.

The shots will be out later this year and are rumoured to be taken by renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz. 

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This comes after just last week Cindy Crawford took to the cover of Mexican Vogue at the ripe of age of 45 looking FAAAAAAAbulous. Could fame be becoming a more important factor than age? Are people bored with looking at dresses modelled by girls younger than their own children?