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Dr Martens launch clothing line

19 Apr

Best known for their iconic heavy-duty boots which have been loved alike by grungy teenagers from the 90s to the Shoreditch fashion followers of today…Dr Martens has just launched its own clothing line.

The new lines which was launched yesterdays  for men and women also includes accessories and draws inspiration from contemporary “fashionistas” who have adopted the workwear shoe into their wardrobe.

The label has designed a simple collection of shirts, sweatshirts and dresses and contains pretty much what you would expect (and I don’t mean that in a dissapointing way!) – a lot of gingham and check in red and navy.

Prices range from £30 to £70 and the line is available at Dr. Martens stores nationwide, or online at .

URBAN no longer our OUTFITTERS of choice?

19 Apr

The president of Urban Outfitters, Stephen Murray has jumped ship at a pretty bad time for the company, whos sales figues announced last week for the first quarter were “low-single-digit-negative”.

The store has been accused of being out of sync with fashion trends and carrying a boring selection of merchandise.They are predicting low single-digit decreases in same-store sales for the month of March.

The company has blamed “unruly weather conditions” and its own “fashion missteps” for the declining interest in the company. But are these really acceptable excuses?

Come to think of it when was the last time I bought something from Urban Outfitters? Must be a good year-or-a-bit a go… I always thought it had nice things..but not exceptionally nice and always just a little too pricey. It seems to be another store that is in trouble for getting just a little too comfortable – shops shouldn’t dictate fashion, the consumer should…