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Kate Moss’ boyfriend puts his two pence in

5 Apr

Just as the Galliano saga dies down and he is sacked and expected to therefore vanish into obscurity, Jamie Hince, aka Kate Moss’ better half has dragged it back into the limelight.

Hince, who admitted he hadn’t even seen the shocking videos said that people were jumping the gun in burning Galliano at the stake and instead should have thought about why he was reacting in a such an odd way.

He said: “John has a problem with alcohol, and the reality is that when we’re in trouble, and that’s all of us, we say the most violent, cursed things.”

“You can judge them on the stupid words they said – which I think were stupid, I hope that goes without saying – or you can dig a bit deeper and you can try and find out what the problem is,” he told the Sunday Times Magazine. “And I think it’s obvious that it’s alcohol. People are trying to say those are his politics. ‘I love Hitler’ – that’s not political, that’s somebody in trouble.”

Seems to me like another celebrity all too quick to get involved in another’s misfortune. And while he may only have good intentions, I don’t see him rushing to help Galliano re-establish his career. If  you feel this way and your girlfriends is one, if not THE most famous model in the world, then surely if you feel these opinions so strongly then you could do something…like stand by Galliano’s career as a fashion designed.

After all, he is known for being great at what he does, and that is fashion. Not politics or public speaking…