The two sides of Gaga

24 Mar

Gaga has revealed that she only gets the left side of her tatooed after her dad requested that at least half of her be normal (don’t think this is going to make a difference really love!)

I’m gettin pretty bored to be honest of Gaga and her pointless revelations. If it was something actually bizarre like she only shaves one side of her body or something then I’d be well interested, but this just seems like another attention grabbing statement from the queen of all that is nuts.

She revealed the tat confession at a Q & A sesh at Google headquarters that she keeps up in respect of her father Joseph Germanotta.

Lady Gaga said: “All of my tattoos are on one side, per my father’s request. He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal, so I only have my tattoos on my left side.

She added: “I think that he sees the right as like my Marilyn Monroe side and the left as my Iggy Pop side.”

However it appears that the star still follows as strict diet regime just like any other run of the mill celeb.

She said: “There’s a lot of backstage shenanigans. Very often they will make jokes about my diet because they know I have to stay fit for videos. So they’ll leave mounds of cheeseburgers in my dressing room. It’s really awful.”

Appears that even all the crazyness in the world doesn’t keep you thin!


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