Last week was…New York Fashion Week

18 Feb

As London Fashion Week kicks off today, and New York Fashion Week comes to an end, I thought I’d look back at some of the highlights from across the pond.

First of all I’ll mention VB herself, who has proved to be a lot better at fashion than she ever was at singing; whose collection included her first shoe line created with the one and only Christian Louboutin, and the 100th dress she has created!

Her sixth appearance at NYFW, a very preggers Victoria, wearing  “the only dress she could fit it”,  showed a collection that, as well as her trademark sleek lines, also contained some more loose form clothing.

Another pop star turned fashionista, Gwen Steffani who has also showed her true flair in the fashion world, closed NYFW with lashings of plaid and leopard print. With six groups of models each with a different soundtrack, Gwen showed off a huge amount of different styles including ‘soldier girls, ‘rasta ‘ragga muffins’ and ‘London girls’. I especially like the brothel creeper style, leopard-print shoes worn by some of the models.

Disaster stuck later on in her show however, when one of the models fell after the heel on her shoe broke off.

Calvin Klein stuck to very minimalistic colours and was overall very plain. After a billion years of fashion perhaps he needs to take a leaf of two out of Vivienne Westwood’s book to stop things getting boring.


This dress (below) for instance, to my relatively untrained eye…to be honest…just looks like an oversized fleece. And lets face it, that’s not a good look in anyones book, even if the label does say CK.

Designers such as Hervé Léger perked it up a bit with his bondage themed run-way show (below). Despite not being anything that hasn’t been done before, it was a pleasant change from the minimalism seen at big names such as CK and Diesel.

Another one of my fav trends, that apparently is still going strong is socks and sandals. This was seen at the ADAM collection by Adam Lippes, who also incorporated some gorgeous strong prints.

The tribal print trend was also seen at Proenza Schouler (below) who’s tetris- looking trousers get me very very excited!

A lot of hot talent seen there from New York, come on London, show us what you got!



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