Gaga for Vogue

11 Feb

Lady Gaga has blessed the front cover of US Vogue for its March issue, with pink hair and actually looking a little bit more normal than usual! Alas, there are no signs of meat dresses or telephone head-gear here!

Gaga wears a blush Kimono-style dress, her makeup being reasonably minimal (for Gaga) with dark lips and not a lot else. Dressed by designers such as Alexander McQueen and photographed by Mario Testino, the infamous Lady Gaga seems to have been tamed. At least a bit.

Gaga says in her interview in the magazine that she ” felt truly embraced by this London cultural movement, that McQueen, Isabella [Blow], Daphne Guinness wing of the English crowd. I remember when I first started doing photo shoots, people would say, ‘My God, you look so much like Isabella Blow, it scares me.’ And McQueen used to say, ‘Oh, my God, your boobs!… Even your boobs are like hers!'”

But to me, Gaga seems all too caught up in being eccentric. I think to be brutally honest,  this photo shoot causes the realisation, that without the wacky outfits and crazy make-up, that she is really quite plain.

Not so long ago I wrote about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s cover and how she personifies what a model on the cover of Vogue should be : a model so gorgeous that it is breathtaking to look at her, while trying not to die of jealousy. She is not a tacky pop-star who without the fame, multiple stylists and over-hyped personality would be little or nothing to look at.

I really think that pop stars should stick to trying to sell music, and stop trying to jump on the fashion and modelling bandwagon. Yes she looks strange, but that’s all it is. It’s not kookily beautiful or intriguingly interesting looking. Its just strange. Maybe even a bit horsey. I can’t really see people sitting in the front of the mirror trying to ‘get her look’ can you? I think shes cool, even if that down to trying just that little bit too hard, but it sort of tinges Vogue a little bit in my opinion.


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