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Christopher Kane wins BFC Award

2 Feb

Christopher Kane won the 2011 British Fashion Council / Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, landing him an extra £200,000 to further his label.

Already doing pretty bloody good for himself, after glowing reviews of this latest catwalk collection and a collaboration with Topshop already under his belt, this amount of money better lead to great things for Mr Christopher…

Read more at The Telegraph.

Boxpark – the mall coming to Shoreditch made out of shipping containers

2 Feb

Got a new idea related vaguely to retail and fashion? Well then, it seems as if the only place it could logically be put into practise is good old Shoreditch.

The owner of clothing make Boxfresh has teamed up with a property design team and decided to launch London’s first pop-up mall opposite Shoreditch House in August of this year.

The mall which is going to be made out of 60 shipping containers, is a bit different to most other pop-up stores as it is going to be open a minimum of five years and will be much much bigger. The fact it is going to be made out of shipping containers is also a novel idea.

Rumoured to be involved with the project are your typical scenester brands such as Carhartt, Stussy, Fred Perry and Religion.

Although an exciting idea, aimed at helping out brands that are struggling with extortionate rent prices and as well as having a bit of that novelty factor, it just seems it is going to be a brilliant idea, but one that is a bit of an effort to be involved with unless you’re a cool Shoreditch Fashionista.


You know its only going to be involved with the coolest brands, already they have ruled out that Topshop could be involved in anyway.You know its going to have only the latest clothing designs. You know the layout is going to be uber minimalist, looking warehouse-esque with probably a few antlers and Chesterfield sofas dotted about. You know your fellow shoppers are going to dress cooler than you. And most of all you know the shop staff are going to look like they just walked off a catwalk of some designer that you probably haven’t even heard of yet; and will have an expression on they’ve face like they’re tired after going to some really cool exclusive party last night for some really cool band, and since its going to take a lot of effort to help you look good, it’s probably not even worth their breath, which is saved for talk of more parties and their latest tattooing escapades.

This is going to be something different, and something I’m really excited about. But isn’t there ever anything such as being TOO COOL? And does everything cool or exciting have to be thrown into the area of Shoreditch, with everywhere else just staying averagely cool? The amount of development going into the area is obscene compared to many other areas which used to be crappy like Shoreditch. but well, still are..

Anyway. Excited to check it out.

Watch the video of the plan.