Jennifer Lopez’s children model for Gucci

21 Jan

Everyone is up in arms about Jennifer Lopez staring in the new Gucci childrenswear campaign with her two year-old twins, Max and Emme.

Do these kids ever get a chance to just be kids? You’ve got  16 year-old Justin Bieber singing about snogging girls, 10 year-old Willow Smith singing about being in a club, and Suri Cruise spotted by the paparazzi wearing heels. When does it stop for these celebrity children?

What happens if, as no doubt they will turn into gorgeous looking beings, that they end up  being the most sought after models. I mean two beautiful twins, that doesn’t happen often, usually one turns out more butters than the other. How will Lopez feel if this campaign leads to a career that leads to drug addiction and eating disorders?

Ok the money goes to UNICEF. Doing something for a charitable cause is good, but I do worry about how these children will turn out with too much exposure to the limelight. All I need to point out is Spears and Lohan and that should have any parent trying to push their kids into the spotlight, think a lot more than bloody twice.

Read more at The Telegraph


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