20 Dec

A new high-end mag called Exhibition, is to be launched worldwide in January (the 25th to be precise).

The magazine will be different to any other, as it will showcase in-depth just one particular product or object, in the case of the first edition – lipstick. It also comes out just once year.

It’s going to be 140 pages and in large format, really bringing back the glamour and class into luxury fashion magazines; something that seems to have really taken a dive and  just gone further and further down hill as they’ve gone on, with more and more tasteless advertising and less and less content.

It’s not even the advertising that upsets me, it’s the type of adverts that have been put in, purely for the revenue that they generate, not for their relevance to the magazine at all. For instance, in a classy magazine I don’t mind flicking through a few artsy ads, in fact I quite like the D&G ones in particular. But when I see a whacking great full-page advert for Iceland’s one pound tempura prawns, it really lowers my opinion. It takes me back into the real world in which I live and away from the fantasy one of Dior and Jimmy Choos. I want to be wowed by luxury and shiny items I cannot afford. I mean bloody hell, I can barely afford to buy the magazine for Christ’s sake.

Which brings me onto another point. Exhibition’s first issue is going to contain no advertising. How refreshing. Plus its owned and published by a private investor (who has not been revealed) who probably doesn’t need the money from tacky advertising anyway.

And as of yet it also has no website. I’m not saying that this is a good idea for most magazines. In the internet age blah blah blah they need an online presence to keep their readers. However, with Exhibition, that aims to exude class, having no website, just a tangible large format magazine, definitely sounds like a good idea in my mind. Online seems to cheapen things sometimes.
So hold out till the end of January when we can get a copy. I hope it’s as good as its been cracked up to be. Focusing one product in its one edition of the year. I’m expecting big things.
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